New Site

# New site

The last time I updated this site was quite some time ago. I'm not strongly opinionated on the best way to approach a personal site, however I know the previous method was not the way to do it. At the time, it made sense for custom HTML, CSS, JS for every page. It was fun playing around with that for the first time, but maintaining something like that just wasn't feasible. As my time became increasingly consumed with work and school, updates came to a halt.

# VuePress

I've been professionally building Vue.js apps now for about 6 months; so, it was natural this was my framework of choice. This post was written in markdown and if all goes well, I can export this as a static site and continue hosting with S3 where this site costs just $1/mo 😊.

# Cheers

The web is more exciting when it doesn't exist in walled social media gardens. Thanks for visiting my corner.